Jason Peters’ Eagles Super Bowl Truck is Absolutely Baller


The Philadelphia Eagles won’t stop partying until somebody beats them.

That includes their nine-time Pro Bowl left tackle Jason Peters, who certainly isn’t trying to hide his pride or his identity in his new truck, which really belongs more at a tailgate than a parking lot.

Peters bought the Truck in March, just one month after his Eagles beat Tom Brady and the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LII. The thing is, Peters didn’t even play in that game. He was still recovering from a torn ACL and MCL he suffered in Week 7 against the Redskins. A little injury hasn’t stopped the man from gloating though, even if it’s a little questionable considering the 15-year vet still has yet to be active in a playoff win.

Peters returned from his injury this past Sunday in a win against the Atlanta Falcons, and the 36-year old looked as dominant as ever coming off such devastating injuries.

Congratulations to Peters and his awesome truck. They deserve all the happiness in the world.


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