Steelers Fans Are Pissed at Le’Veon Bell Over His Cryptic Sunday Tweet


The Cleveland Browns almost won their first game since 2016 on Sunday, making a great comeback against the Pittsburgh Steelers but ultimately settling for a tie after four quarters and overtime.

Steelers running back Le’Veon Bell, who has not yet rejoined the team due to ​contractual disputes, sent out a tweet with only the monocle emoji after the game, and fans were not happy about it.

Tim wasn’t happy, either:

The Browns came awfully close to a W, but ​botched a field goal attempt in overtime to lose the game. Arguably the biggest reason the Steelers were in the game, however, was because of Bell’s replacement at running back. James Conner, Pittsburgh’s backup runner, scampered for 135 yards and scored two touchdowns.

And further:

With Conner’s contributions, Steelers fans are pretty over Le’Veon after tying with the Browns.

Anyone got a DJ Khaled GIF handy?

Ah, of course.

​​Perhaps what is annoying some fans the most is that as a child, Bell grew up as a Steelers fan, yet he is willingly sitting back and costing the team games out of greed.

And let’s not forget about that game check:

And to put a cherry on top, some fans even went the Colin Kaepernick route and started mocking him Nike style.

Any more of those?

Hope it was all worth it, Le’Veon.


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