Aaron Hernandez’s Suicide Notes to Lawyer and Family Revealed


At one point former ​New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez was considered a football player with star potential.​ Then a conviction for the murder of Odin Lloyd resulted in an abrupt end to his ​National Football League career.

Before committing suicide on April 19th, 2017, he wrote three letters.

One letter was addressed to his lawyer Jose Baez which seemed to have an upbeat vibe. It included some jokes and personal requests as well.

Two other letters were directed to his fiancée Shayanna Jenkins and daughter Avielle Hernandez. Hernandez essentially lets both know how much they mean to him and how much love he has for them. This letter seems to be a bit more somber.

Regardless of what someone has done, death is still a very delicate situation. We must consider the families that are affected in any scenario.

At the end of the day Hernandez’s life spiraled in a negative direction and eventually it was too late to put a stop to it.


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