Charges Dropped Against Michael Bennett for Incident With Elderly Woman at Super Bowl


Newly acquired New England ​Patriots defensive lineman ​Michael ​Bennett will officially have no legal obstacles in his way to start the new season.

Bennett was previously being accused of injuring an elderly woman after Super Bowl LI in early 2017. The woman is paraplegic and was working as a staff member. She had accused Bennett, who played that season for the Seahawks, of injuring her as he ran onto the field to celebrate his brother Martellus’ Super Bowl win with the Patriots. Now, however, all charges against Bennett have been dropped.

Bennett could have dealt with serious repercussion had he been charged. The charge for injury to the elderly could have earned him up to 10 years in prison. He maintained his innocence, and his lawyer had previously summed up the accusations against him as “ludicrous.”

Michael and Martellus Bennett have both had their share of controversies. In this case, the former has been cleared and can now approach the 2019 season with one less thing to worry about.

Martellus Bennett has already retired, and Michael could be following him soon. His productivity has dropped significantly, and this next season could be his last in the NFL. As he looks to get one more Super Bowl ring with the Patriots, he’ll fortunately be able to focus solely on football.


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