Gronk Slams ‘Fake News’ Reports He Was About to Get Traded By the Pats


“Fake news”. The term has caught on in recent months, finding its way into the vocabulary of seemingly everyone, especially celebrities about whom fake news is constantly reported.

The latest victim of such false reports: Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski, who was reportedly going to be traded by the end of Friday.

Gronk had a simple response when asked about it all.

“It just shows how much fake news is out there,” Gronk said. “Hashtag fake news, that’s all I know. It’s true. It exists. See it all the time about me. It’s wild.”

Yesterday rumors were swirling around Gronkowski, indicating that the superstar may be traded from New England.

These rumors were amplified by​ the mysterious reports of Redditlover1981. In the end, however, they were all bogus. Gronk is staying with the Pats, despite the wishes of the rest of the NFL.

​Gronk’s response imitates that of his brother Chris, who dismissed any rumors about the tight end as “fake news”.

Even with all of the rumors crushed, however, that is not the end of it. Reportedly, there were real talks about trading Gronk…they just occurred earlier this offseason.


Did the Patriots think about a trade? ​Should they?

For a Patriots team that is so adamantly against drama, this offseason has been full of it, from ​skipped OTAs, Julian Edelman getting suspend and now this.


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