Nike’s Colin Kaepernick Commercial Gets Emmy Nomination


In February earlier this year, Nike released on if most polarizing commercials in the company’s history, and now it’s paid off.

In conjunction with a “Just Do It” ad campaign featuring the heavily criticized Colin Kaepernick, Nike crafted a beautiful spot about shooting for the stars when it comes to your dreams, with visuals of success stories narrated by the disgraced former NFL QB.

“Dream Crazy,” as it’s titled, was produced by Wieden+Kennedy, a Portland-based ad agency located near Nike’s headquarters responsible for other memorable commercials like the famed Old Spice commercials and Bud Lite’s “Dilly Dilly” campaign.

The commercial has been nominated for “Outstanding Commercial.”

Kaepernick became polarizing following his decision to kneel during the National Anthem prior to his NFL games in effort to protest racial injustice and bring light to racial inequality.

Nike’s stock plummeted following the release of the campaign but has since risen.


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