Patriots Cutting Malcolm Mitchell Clears a Path to Sign Dez Bryant


​After months of non-stop speculation and the ensuing media barbs thrown by anyone and everyone involved in the situation, Dez Bryant might actually be finding himself a home, albeit one not many would have seen coming just a week ago.

Amid news that the New England Patriots are releasing wide receiver Malcolm Mitchell, it certainly looks like the team is now in prime position sign the former Dallas Cowboys Pro Bowler.

Despite being a fourth-round pick just one season ago and scoring four touchdowns as a rookie, the Pats released Mitchell due to injury concerns. It’s not like New England is flush with talent at the wide receiver spot, though, as team sent away Brandin Cooks in a trade, Julian Edelman is suspended for the first four games of the season and Kenny Britt ​​is on the PUP list.

While one spot opens up, it likely won’t be open for long. The Pats have a history of bringing in players ​deemed troublesome by the rest of the league and helping them perform to the best of their abilities. Does the name Randy Moss ring any bells?

Bryant has the second-most touchdown grabs in the NFL over the last five seasons. His production waned greatly last season, but part of that may be a by-product of ​Dak Prescott regressing in year two.

All those dropped passes, however, are simply on Dez.

Don’t put it past the mastermind Bill Belichick to recognize the cause of Bryant’s statistical dip and unite him with Tom Brady to form a frightening offensive pairing. Dez has stated multiple times he wants to play for a contender, and there is no franchise that’s been in the mix for a Lombardi Trophy more consistently than the Patriots over the last two decades.

If the Pats weren’t already your least favorite team, just wait until Bryant signs and see how much your hatred can intensify.


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