REPORT: Broncos Won’t Rework Joe Flacco’s Contract


The Denver Broncos made major ​NFL headlines on Tuesday when they made a trade for ​Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco. John Elway’s front office, which is already trying to get rid of Case Keenum and his absurd contract, were expected to restructure Flacco’s ​overpriced deal going forward.

Well, now it looks like that might not be the case. This comes as a major surprise given that Flacco is owed $18.5 million this season, with $20.25 million in 2020 and $24.5 million left for the following year.

This decision will certainly have ​Denver Broncos fans scratching their heads. Really, John? Is Flacco the kind of QB that you’re willing to pay nearly $20 million this upcoming season?

If the ​Broncos are unable to move Keenum, they are going to have to take a sizable cap hit just to drop their seemingly failed experiment.

This could be a big-time disaster for the Broncos, and mishandling this situation would likely be the final strike for Elway.


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