The Rams Have a Sponsored Service Dog With the Best Name Ever


If the Los Angeles Rams weren’t your favorite football team already, this is probably the best reason to start rooting for them.

The team now has a sponsored service dog with what in all likelihood is the best name ever.

The dog’s name is…and we hope you’re sitting down for this…Cooper Pup.

It’s perfect!

Wide reciever Cooper Kupp, who finished last year with 566 receiving yards and a career-high six touchdown receptions despite missing half of the season due to injury, has to be pleased with this. Kupp is fan favorite for the Rams and it’s more than likely that that trend will extend to the dog as well.

Whomever the creative genius was that came up with that iconic name deserves plenty of recognition.

The fans are also already pretty supportive of the new service dog. Maybe Cooper Pup could become a kind of secondary mascot for the Rams for 2019.

Needless to say, though, the Rams deserve plenty of kudos for sponsoring such a good boy for the upcoming season.


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