Tom Brady Has a Highly Interesting Take on Why People Hate Him and the Patriots


The New England Patriots fan base has a “you hate us because you ain’t us” attitude. While such a swagger is cocky and incites further hatred, it’s still undoubtedly true.

It’s easy to find a way to despise that team. There’s just a simple recipe that leaves you rooting for two teams: the team you love, and whoever plays the Patriots. Tom Brady is extremely aware of the amount of hate that comes his way, but he has an interesting take as to why.

Football is one sport where a country doesn’t unite and root for one team during a big-time event. Because of that, opposing fan bases never get a chance to root for Brady. He’s only ever the enemy.

That actually makes a ton of sense.

Think about it. Baseball fans have the World Baseball Classic. Basketball and hockey fans have the Olympics. Soccer fans have the World Cup and the various continental competitions. There is no outlet to root for Tom Brady unless you’re specifically a Patriots fan.

It isn’t just about not having a chance to root for Brady on your team. It’s about having a chance to root for someone other than your team in football. If your team loses on the gridiron, you’re jealous of the team that finds success so often. It’s natural. As those who don’t live under a rock know, that’s New England each and every season.

This was an honest and thought-provoking answer, unlike the one he had about people who wish he’d retire.

Alright, that’s a reason to hate him.

There are plenty of reasons to despise TB12. You can think he’s a pretty boy, a cheater, ​a sore loser, or you can simply not like that he wins so much. Just think though, if you had a chance to root for Brady if he was representing your country, that hate inside you might not be so easy to find.


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