VIDEO: Eagles Release Epic Hype Clip Ahead of Training Camp


The Philadelphia Eagles are the favorites to represent the NFC in Super Bowl LIII once again, but this is not the same treatment they got heading into last season. To remember the Eagles’ incredible run, you have to remember where it started. Philadelphia has you covered as the team released an insane video in reverse to show how much doubt they overcame in a year.

They have everyone’s respect now, but they certainly had to prove they could earn it week after week.

This team made an incredible run last season, but that doesn’t mean they’re done proving themselves. Like head coach Doug Pederson said toward the beginning of that video, this is the new norm for the team.

If they want to prove they deserve they belong at the top of the charts for the NFL’s future rankings, this is the season to prove it.

No matter what, you’ll have to agree that video will get you way more hyped than this other one the Eagles trotted out to celebrate the beginning of training camp.

The Eagles are the reigning champs, but holding on to that “hungry dog” attitude is important. This is the same franchise that made the playoffs just once in the previous six years. The big thing that changed was their identity.

Remembering last season is an easy way to continue to prove they’re the cream of the crop.


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