Aaron Rodgers Actually Quoted George Carlin in Response to Offseason Drama


Aaron Rodgers has made no bones about it: He is tired of this story going around that he is a terrible teammate and resistant to authority. The narrative being painted about him by some former players has forced the long time Packers quarterback to step up and defend his name in a very vocal way.

Rodgers has called reports of his ‘broken relationship’ with former head coach Mike McCarthy nothing more than a ​’smear attack.’ It would appear now that No. 12 is growing weary of these attacks on his reputation.

Those sound like fighting words. Maybe not literal fights, but Rodgers certainly appears laser focused on admonishing these critics. ​His play in 2018 was hampered by some injuries he revealed recently, which didn’t help Green Bay anymore than these reported locker room rifts.

With the ​NFL draft two weeks away on April 25, Rodgers and the rest of the organization will be ushering in a fresh crop of young talent to the Pack.

Perhaps now more so than ever before, it is imperative that Rodgers be as welcoming and receptive to being a mentor as possible. Fantastic play and a deep playoff run won’t hurt his reputation either.


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