Aaron Rodgers Has Awesome Quote About Lack of QB Freedom in Matt LaFleur’s Offense


After years of being handicapped in Mike McCarthy’s ultra-conservative offense, new Green Bay Packers head coach Matt LaFleur still doesn’t look ready to totally cut Aaron Rodgers loose at the line of scrimmage.

LaFleur’s system doesn’t allow the quarterbacks to have a great deal of freedom and control at the line of scrimmage, in much the same way McCarthy’s offense was constantly handicapping Rodgers.

Here we go again. Rodgers just can’t seem to find anyone who gives him the right amount of creative control over the O.

This union still seems more likely to work than the ill-fated McCarthy-Rodgers marriage. First, LaFleur’s scheme is more pass-happy, vertical, and innovative than McCarthy’s basic offense. Second, LaFleur’s personality is more amicable than the iron-headed McCarthy, which could mean that there is still hope that he and Rodgers could find the perfect balance between coaching authority and Rodgers’ ad-libbing.

Not allowing one of the best players in the history of the NFL to audible at the line like a rookie quarterback, who came from an Air Raid scheme, is either painfully unwise or totally arrogant.

Hopefully LaFleur can realize that and try to strike up a more ideal partnership with No. 12.


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