Aaron Rodgers Rated Higher Than Tom Brady in Madden 19


​For big-time football fans, the release of the annual edition of the  Madden video game is one of the biggest moments on the offseason calendar. And before the game is out, the teases of the team and player ratings is a big, big deal.

So, how does EA Sports assess the top players around the league? Interestingly enough, Madden 19‘s top-rated quarterback is not named Tom Brady, who is coming off his third career MVP season, but Aaron Rodgers, who lost most of his 2018 campaign due to a fractured collarbone.

Yes, ​the Green Bay Packers superstar steals the title as the league’s best quarterback in the eyes of the video game gods this time around. And that surely won’t make Pats fans too thrilled.

Rodgers is joined by defensive lineman Aaron Donald and wide receiver Antonio Brown as the highest rated players in the game at a flawless 99, while Brady rounds out the top five with Panthers linebacker Luke Kuechly just two points behind.

Whether you like Brady or not, one must recognize that this is a bit of disrespect toward ​the 40-year-old signal-caller who led the league in passing yards last season.

(Even more disrespectful, however, could be the fact that Andrew Luck, who has not taken an NFL snap in over 500 days, is ranked above Carson Wentz.)

Don’t look too closely at the Madden ratings, New England fans. No NFL game has ever been decided based on what a 3D simulation thinks of the players involved.

Feel free to get a bit mad, though.


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