Dez Bryant Makes it Seem Like Countless Teams Are Trying to Sign Him


Yes, ​68 days (as of Thursday) have passed since the Dallas Cowboys released Dez Bryant.

As of now, Bryant still remains unsigned and it looks like he will continue to be a free agent for some time. However, the three-time Pro Bowler does not seem to concerned, as made evident by a mysterious Instagram post recently.

One fan called him out, asking if Bryant should be more concerned with finding an NFL gig than a “creative sketch artist”. In response, Dez remained secure in the fact that signing with a team will not be a problem for him.

Dez replied, “The last problem I have is finding a team. I’m in a world you will never understand.”

While no teams aside from Baltimore have expressed public interest in the former Cowboys wideout, Bryant claims to have received phone calls, but is looking for a “a winning organization and a team willing to do a one-year, prove-it deal.”

​Both the Packers and Saints have all but been shot down as options, and San Francisco and ​Jacksonville are emerging as the ​most likely destinations for Bryant. If not the 49ers or Jaguars, Dez could find himself as a free agent to start the regular season.


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