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Cowboys Will Be Screwed if Dak Prescott’s New Contract Runs Them $30 Million Per Year


Dak Prescott has proved his worth to Cowboys management in his three years as a starting quarterback. He is almost certain to receive a massive payday in due time that locks him up as the franchise QB in Big D for years to come.

The only question that remains is just how big the number will be.

The Cowboys have plenty of young talent they would like to extend. Their current group is built for success for years to come, but they’ll have to be strategic in negotiations to retain as much talent as they can within the constraints of the salary cap.

This is where Dak becomes an issue. Yes, he deserves to get paid, but his price tag could handicap the organization in negotiations with other players, including Amari Cooper, and Ezekiel Elliott.

Cooper has already asked for north of $16 million per year. However, Dak’s going to seek a number far, far beyond that. In fact, the two-time Pro-Bowler could be looking at an excess of $30 million annually to become the highest-paid player in Cowboys history.

There is only so much money to go around, folks.

Pulling the trigger on a deal of this magnitude will hinder the organization’s financial capabilities and their ability to put a well-balanced team on the field. It would give rise to the possibility that Elliott or Cooper could eventually walk, which would be detrimental to this teams offense no matter who is under center.


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