Anthony Barr Not Worried Over Potential Revenge for Aaron Rodgers Hit


​Anthony Barr ended the ​​Green Bay Packers​’ season when he laid a legal, yet unnecessary hit on Aaron Rodgers in a Week 6 matchup last season.

With Rodgers scrambling out of the pocket, Barr was in hot pursuit and brought the star QB to the ground after he got off a pass. The video replay appears to show Barr taking two steps after the ball is released and crushing Rodgers’ arm under his full weight, breaking his collarbone.

Now, Barr says that he is not worried about any potential backlash from any Green Bay players or fans.

“I’m not too worried about it,” Barr said via TMZ. “It’s football man. It’s another game. He had something to say. He was upset. He probably knew the situation, so I understand that. I never try to hurt anybody. I know how hard it is to play this game and to play week in and week out. To take that away from somebody, I never try to do that.”

Rodgers has a different account of the story. According to him, Barr gave him an obscene gesture as Rodgers was walking off the field.

While Barr apparently isn’t worried about any kind of backlash from the Packers, that doesn’t mean the Pack themselves don’t have plans of their own.

However, the best kind of vengeful punishment is the kind that Rodgers consistently dishes out every year: torching the opposing defense.

Minnesota and Green Bay will meet on Sept. 16th at Lambeau Field.


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