Bill Belichick Trolls Reporter With Ridiculous Response to Silly Question


It’s not an easy task to stand in front of New England Patriots’ head coach Bill Belichick and ask him a question. To stand there and ask something that even a toddler would think is dumb has to make the job just a little more difficult.

Known for his short, stingy answers, Belichick had a new answer to showcase early Tuesday morning.

A watermelon roll?! Are you conducting watermelons rolls or eating them? Are either actually a thing?

A reporter asked the coach if he and the staff are searching over other 90-man rosters for possible signees. A simple “yes, of course” answer would do just fine; however, Belichick did what Belichick does best.

For those who don’t know, the watermelon rolls that Belichick ostensibly mentions are those old watermelon-shaped sherbets that, from the labeling, are quite refreshing. He is basically stating that the Patriots are not kicking back and enjoying some ice cream (or so we think).

The Patriots, like all other teams, are searching for steals which will come from cut day on Sept. 1. In the meantime, reporters need to improve on their inquisitiveness — at least when talking to Bill.


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