Bills Making a Massive Mistake Even Considering Starting Nathan Peterman Again


How this man was ever allowed back on a football field after throwing five interceptions in two quarters in 2017 will be a burning question for Bills fans across the country.

Buffalo quarterback ‚ÄčNathan Peterman went 5-for-8 for 24 yards and two interceptions in the Bills’ blowout loss against the ‚ÄčBaltimore Ravens.

There’s no excuse, this is unacceptable.

Oh, hey Bills fans. You got to experience a playoff berth for the first time since 1999? Let’s give you a little reality check just in case you got way over your head.

Sean McDermott looks like the messiah in the eyes of Buffalo fans because of last season, but this cannot happen. There are no positives to take away after a performance like this. Your quarterback can’t boast a Ryan Leaf stat line and be considered for the starting job next week.

Now, nobody really expects first-round pick Josh Allen to lead them to a Super Bowl, but he is a top 10 pick at the end of the day. When you have a young guy with potential like this and you’re getting the doors blown off your team, it’s a no-brainer to start him over a guy like Peterman.

The Bills will continue to be the Bills with decisions like this, and if McDermott doesn’t want to be a footnote in their franchise history, he would wisely tell Peterman to sharpen his pencil because the only thing he should be doing for a team is holding a clipboard and taking notes.


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