Sean McDermott Calls Out Charles Clay and Kelvin Benjamin


Playing in the NFL is a tough business, and when you play poorly, you’re going to hear about it from fans, analysts and your coaches.

Buffalo Bills head coach Sean McDermott took it a step further Wednesday by publicly calling out tight end Charles Clay and wide receiver Kelvin Benjamin, saying that they need to come out and play better.

Well, when your team loses the first game of the season 47-3, you might want to extend that message to the whole team, coach.

But seriously, Clay and Benjamin played poorly. Benjamin had one catch for 10 yards despite being targeted seven times and Clay literally did nothing the entire game.

I understand that the ​Bills quarterback situation is terrible to say the least, but Benjamin was always underwhelming when he was in Carolina and looked just as underwhelming during Week 1. Clay is a good tight end, he just needs to actually show up for the next game. He looked absolutely lost out there last weekend.

This is just one snippet in a long line of terrible plays the Bills ran Sunday afternoon.

I mean, if you’re a Bills fan, at least ​things can’t get any worse, right?

The Bills will look to bounce back this weekend against the Los Angeles Chargers.


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