Young Vikings Fan Trolls His Packer Parents With Sign of the Year


Well, that’s one way to get the attention of a cameraman.

On Sunday, the Minnesota Vikings hosted the San Francisco 49ers and they were able to come out with a win in Kirk Cousin’s debut in purple. As great as the win was, the true winner from Sunday’s matchup came from the stands.

An unforgettable sign was broadcasted and went viral shortly after.

The boy, sporting a ​Kyle Rudolph jersey, was seen holding a sign that is hard to forget. It’s obvious that he didn’t write the sign, but he sure did hold it proudly.

The question that may come across others is, how did the boy become a Vikings fan and not a Green Bay fan?


Those are some great teams to be a fan of, but they do come from the same division. It will be a heated household when these two teams face off.

Good luck, kid.


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