Kirk Cousins Just Filed a Trademark for the Lamest Phrase Ever


Come on Kirk…you’re better than this.

It appears that Cousins and his ​Minnesota Vikings are attempting to trademark the worst catchphrase in NFL history. Everyone knows Kirk’s infamous “You like that?!” video, but how about “You vike that?”

What a beautiful moment this was. Why does it have to be ruined by yet another money grab ploy?

“You vike that?” is quite possibly the worst catchphrase we’ve seen in sports since the “Philly Philly” craze.

It doesn’t even sound right or roll of the tongue well. Sure, putting it on a t-shirt may seem like a great idea at first, but would anyone in their right mind actually buy that? Do people of Minnesota have no dignity? Let’s just leave the perfection of “You like that?” alone and keep it at that.

Unfortunately, it’s not the first time we’ve seen the Vikings use this ultimate cringeworthy catchphrase.

​Cousins can have as successful a career as he wants with the Vikings, but I swear if I ever heard him say “You vike that?” out loud, I might as well just surrender my NFL fandom and my hope in the human race as a whole.

So no Kirk, we DON’T “vike” that. We don’t “vike” that at all. ​​


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