Troy Aikman Rips Dez Bryant and Explains Why Cowboys Won’t Miss Him


​The ​Dallas Cowboys will have a lot to worry about in their Week 1 game against the Carolina Panthers due to injuries on the offensive line and in the secondary.

But according to Hall of Fame quarterback Troy Aikman, there’s one thing they don’t need to be concerned about. He said the team won’t miss wide receiver ​Dez Bryant at all.

Ouch. This one hurts from a Cowboys alumnus.

“I don’t think Dez was a threat for most, if not all, of last year. When you get one-on-one looks, no matter who you are as a receiver, that is what you are looking for as a quarterback, and if you can’t beat defenders one on one, then you simply can’t play in the NFL.”

Bryant’s fall from grace has carried over the last three seasons and Aikman can see how his absence from the team won’t put a damper on things this year.

Although these seem like harsh words from Aikman, they aren’t that far off as Bryant still has yet to be signed. While he didn’t have an awful last couple of years, they certainly weren’t characteristic of his typical play.

Time will tell if the young receiving corps in Dallas can be more productive without Bryant on the field. Rookie Michael Gallup and free agent acquisition Allen Hurns will be looking to bring a new identity to the passing game this season.

If “2017 Dez Bryant” comes out to play in 2018, the Cowboys will be a lot better off without him.


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