VIDEO: Richard Sherman Says There Will Be a Lockout Before Current CBA is Extended


Richard Sherman has never been one to stay quiet on a topic he’s passionate about. ​While talking to the media this evening, the 49ers’ new cornerback stated his opinion on the state of the NFL CBA. He did not hold back.

Sherman believes a lockout could potentially occur, as a perceived rift between the NFL Players Association and ​NFL team owners is seemingly growing.

Of course, we know that Sherman himself believes strongly about players’ rights, as he has served as one of the NFLPA’s vice presidents since 2014.

The current CBA, or collective bargaining agreement, is scheduled to run through the 2020 season. While a full lockout may seem drastic, it is quite possible, given that it has happened in the past, with the last one occurring during the 2011 offseason.

In fact, even star RB ​Todd Gurley believes in the possibility of a lockout:

While Sherman believes that NFL players are more prepared for a lockout this time around, it is true that lockouts hurt players much more than they do team owners.

Of course, Sherman is one of many NFL players currently ​fighting for change.


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