Cowboys Showing Dak Prescott Film of Carson Wentz to Try and Make Him Better


​It looks like Jason Garrett and company are taking a thing or two from the reigning Super Bowl champions.

As the NFL preseason starts up, the Dallas Cowboys are showing quarterback Dak Prescott game film of Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz to help ​develop Prescott into a more refined passer. This seems like the Cowboys trolling themselves.

Scott Linehan, the offensive coordinator for the Cowboys, is shown breaking down film from a game between the Eagles and Washington Redskins, where Carson Wentz is throwing a deep pass into Washington territory. As the ball is in the air, Linehan talks about ​Dez Bryant and how if you give him a chance, he will not let the defender take the ball down with them.

To his credit, Prescott is focusing the entire time and taking notes on the play while it unfolds on the screen. Keeping a pretty straight face for a guy that is being shown film of somebody in how OWN draft class.

Prescott struggled last season once star running back Ezekiel Elliott got suspended, but the Cowboys finished with a respectable 9-7 record. Wentz, however, was on his way to a MVP season before a torn ACL ended his season, though backup quarterback Nick Foles still led the Birds to a Super Bowl win over the mighty New England Patriots.

Good on Dak for swallowing his pride and looking to improve his game by watching his fellow NFC East rival. Eagles fans will never let him live this down, though.


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