Doug Pederson Was Clearly Pissed With How Bad Nick Foles Played Against the Browns


Nick Foles’ incredible rise to the top has been nothing short of a Cinderella story. He went from a backup quarterback to a Super Bowl MVP, an ESPY winner, and the recipient of a big fat payday.

It was nice while it lasted, but everyone knows how Cinderella’s night at the ball ended. Her carriage ended up turning into a pumpkin, and after a number of poor showings, it looks like Foles is turning a little orange.

Eagles fans may have faith, but after Doug Pederson’s comments, it’s hard to believe he’s the same QB he was during the playoff run.

Philadelphia’s head coach said that he was “very disappointed” with Foles’ performance tonight against the Browns.

If you think that’s bad, just look at what he said to Erin Andrews. Anytime a coach angrily says he’s done with you, you know you’ve done terribly wrong.

The standards were high for Foles this game, as he was coming back from an injury he suffered against New England earlier this preseason. That shoulder strain doesn’t seem like it was really his issue, as he struggled before and after the injury.

It’s safe to say whatever magic Foles had has run off. If Pederson is too angry to put a positive spin on things, then it seems like he better get cozy as a backup.

It’s a shame this team couldn’t have traded him while they could, but that’s neither here nor there. It is clear, though, that the Eagles better hope that Carson Wentz can suit up Week 1.


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