ESPN Projecting Jay Ajayi to Be a Bust This Season


According to recent ESPN Fantasy Football rankings, the starting running back for the defending Super Bowl champion ​Philadelphia Eagles may not be the best bet when it comes to drafting your team.


Jay Ajayi was listed as one of the possible busts for this upcoming season.

​​The reasoning makes sense, as it is has to do with the ​running back depth in Philadelphia more so than an it is an indictment on Ajayi.

The Eagles still have young runners in Wendell Smallwood and Corey Clement that they want to use throughout the season, and Darren Sproles will always be a factor on any team that he is on.

Not a bad problem when you have that many competent backs on the roster. Ajayi should still be considered the lead guy, but it could be a case where head coach Doug Pederson goes with the hot hand in any given game.

The defending champions will open their campaign on the first Thursday of the season when they will host the Atlanta Falcons.


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