Jets Rookie Tight End Was Born With 12 Fingers


Athletes enter the field of play each week constantly searching for any advantage they can use over their opponent. New York Jets rookie tight end and 2018 fourth-round pick out of Miami, Chris Herndon, was born with a gift that could have made him the NFL’s next Tony Gonzalez at his position.

That’s right, he was born with two extra fingers!

Herndon had one extra finger on both hands, which were amputated at birth. He still sports the scars, which look like very small bumps just below the base of his pinkies.

Let Chris show you.

Though there were probably good reasons having to do with health and cosmetics for the removal of his two extra digits, it would be mind-boggling to think just how better he would be at catching the football with 12 fingers instead of 10.

Would the NCAA or NFL have had to ban him from participating with that kind of edge? He would have to call up Nike for the custom gloves: “The Herndon 12’s.”

Still, the Jets rookie is doing just fine with the average amount of fingers, catching six passes and two touchdowns in the last two games.


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