RUMOR: Dez Bryant Told People at Beyoncé Concert He Was ‘Probably’ Signing With Patriots


If they actually want him, then no union across the league makes more sense.

Ever since ​Dez Bryant went on his self-crafted free agency PR tour, it seemed pretty clear that he’d love to be a New England Patriot, they were willing to ​wait it out, and the Cleveland Browns would always be yapping at both their heels.

If you believe sources close to sources who’ve met sources, though, Bryant himself thinks he’s likely going to end up in New England, as ears on the ground claim that’s what he was telling people at the concert he attended Tuesday night.

​​Though he was posted up next to Jerry Jones all night, apparently they weren’t talking reunion.

Whether this is legitimate information coming from the man himself or just something you yell at a concert in between full-throated “Freebird!” calls, we can’t tell. But the Patriots’ receiving corps could use one more trusted veteran with more explosiveness than the burned-out and cut Eric Decker, and Bryant continues to fit the bill.


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