Packers Have No Choice But to Sit Aaron Rodgers This Week With His Knee Injury


Why is this even being discussed right now? Here we are in Week 2 of the NFL season, and the Packers are dealing with an injury to their savior: Aaron Rodgers.

After going down with a left knee injury on Sunday night against the Bears, Rodgers was able to return to the field and led a thrilling ​24-23 comeback win over Chicago. Down 20 points? No big deal for AR12.

The issue here, though, is Rodgers looked like he could barely put any weight on his left leg in the second half. Plus, his postgame presser led everyone to believe he was on enough pain killers to last an entire season.

Now, with a key NFC North meeting coming this weekend against the Vikings, Rodgers himself admits he’s not sure if he’ll be able to go. Following Sunday’s win, he told Michele Tafoya he’d be playing in Week 2, but he’s now singing a different tune.

Let me make the decision for you, Mr. Rodgers. Stay off the field. Do Packers fans forget what happened when No. 12 missed significant time last season? The 2017 campaign became a bloodbath, with Brett Hundley looking like a JV backup. Does DeShone Kizer instill confidence in the coaching staff, should Rodgers be rushed back too soon and suffer a serious injury?

Hell to the no.

As bad as Green Bay would like to take down Minnesota this weekend, risking Rodgers’ long-term health simply isn’t worth it. It’d be different if Rodgers and the coaches came out and said he’s just fine and things were a scare more than anything. ​But, that’s not the case.

​Rodgers was held out of practice on Wednesday (smart) to rest his bum knee. He should also be held out Sunday.

Yes, he’s got a rocket for an arm and is in my opinion the best QB in the game (over Tom Brady), but I think we’d all rather see him playing late in the season and the postseason than risking all of that in Week 2.

A Kirk Cousins-Aaron Rodgers battle this early in the year sounds sensational, but let’s save it for Nov. 25 in Minnesota. Mike McCarthy, I know you’re reading this… please sit Mr. Discount Double Check this weekend. The risk is not worth the reward.


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