VIDEO: Tom Brady Shows No Mercy on Gisele or His Kids During Dodgeball


​If you need something to cheer you up, have I got the treat for you. ​Tom Brady is renowned for his intensity on the football field. Like fellow quarterback Philip Rivers of the L.A. Chargers, Brady shouts at his own coaches and players, opposing players, and whoever else is in his way. The guy takes competitiveness to a whole different level. And apparently, he has no off button.

​​Brady’s supermodel wife, Gisele Bundchen, posted a couple videos of Brady, her, and the kids enjoying some quality family time together. They decided to play a nice, relaxing game of dodgeball.

Unfortunately, ​Brady does not have the word “relaxing” in his vocabulary. Instead, ​the Patriots star showed off the power of his rocket arm, as he pegged opponents mercilessly.

Here is another video which better captures the sound of his bullets hitting victims.

Gisele may be laughing it off, but if I was in that crossfire, I doubt I’d be laughing. It’s like a war zone in there, with Brady as the sniper ready to literally blow your head off.

While Brady’s throws are impressive and his killer instinct is hilarious to observe, his overall dodgeball skills have got nothing on ​new Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins.

Maybe Cousins and Brady should have themselves a one-on-one game of Dodgeball. Now that would be something.


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