Shaq Made Cowboys Star Lineman Tyron Smith Look Tiny


Dallas Cowboys left tackle Tyron Smith has built a reputation as one of the best in the league at the position.

Making the Pro Bowl each of the past five seasons, ​Smith has been a rock on that offensive line, and his 6-5, 320-pound frame combined with his athleticism make him look like a monster on the football field. That frame would tower over the majority of people across the world, but Smith still looks like a child when positioned next to NBA great Shaquille O’Neal.

Wow. Smith looks like your ​average person compared to Shaq. He could pass for a safety or running back based on this photo.​​

Towering at 7-1, Shaq can do this to just about anyone. Even some of the NBA’s top big men in the league today look like children next to O’Neal.

And if you think Tyron Smith looks small in this photo, just imagine how he would like posing next to the 7-6 Yao Ming.


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