VIDEO: Watch Jaguars Defender Try to Rip Saquon Barkley’s Head Off on Brutal Facemask


This is one of those facemask penalties you see and wonder how the heck the victim’s head is still attached to their shoulders. With New York Giants rookie standout​ Saquon Barkley’s body going one way, and Jacksonville Jaguars Yannick Ngakoue pulling his facemask the other, Barkley is so fortunate he wasn’t injured on this gruesome and flagrant penalty.


Absolutely brutal. NFL doesn’t seem that easy now, huh, ​Todd Gurley?

Is there any way possible to flag the defender twice for that one offense? That’s how bad that was. As I stated before, luckily Barkley wasn’t injured, which is shocking considering how violent that grab was.


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