12 Funniest Tweets About the Packers’ Incredible Comeback Win Over the Bears


Yes, perhaps you heard about this. Aaron Rodgers is a ninja-wizard and has bewitched all of our hearts in the crunchiest of crunch times once again, shocking the Chicago Bears with ​an insane fourth quarter comeback under the lights at Lambeau Field.

With the football world absolutely buzzing from the Packers’ ​comeback from a 20-0 deficit, it’s time to regale in the wild scenes in the best way we know how: via the best Twitter snark the internets have to offer.

They’ll be talking about this one at the barbershop.


The question is whether or not Packers doctors can fabricate an Infinity Knee Brace to protect the QB’s leg while he manipulates space and time.

Hey, Florio gonna Florio!

Can I use a lifeline?

Yeah, that’s right, remember Khalil Mack? He was good, I think. I dunno, hard to remember.

Sounds about right. Sorry, Saquon.


​​And he didn’t even have to use his AK!

​​Just call him The Truth. After all, that Bears lead was a lie.

Can anyone call Chicago and make sure they’re okay?


Damn. Speaking of that Favre gentleman:

But let’s not forget another QB’s role in all this:



Get ’em started young.


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