Aaron Rodgers Produced Classic Heroic Moment at Packers Practice


​As if anybody is surprised, Aaron Rodgers is back in camp throwing dimes and “game-winning” touchdowns.

The Green Bay Packers superstar was working his magic during a 2-minute drill, where he drew the defense offsides and then hit wide receiver Geronimo Allison for a leaping touchdown grab.

This is No. 12 at his best.

Rob is right, who else can make that kind of throw? Seriously!

​In the midst of his contract negotiations, Rodgers proved to the team once again that the injury has had no influence on his playmaking abilities whatsoever and that he should be getting paid top dollar.

It’s kind of hard to argue against him at this point, I mean come on, he’s making no look touchdown passes from the 26-yard line. He’s incredible.

Rodgers has been doing these kinds of things for as long as he’s been in the league, only this time, he was making his own defense look silly.

If this is what’s expected to come from Rodgers this season, the Packers will be right back in the hunt for a Super Bowl title.


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