Antonio Brown Literally Threatens to Quit Football Over Helmet Dispute With NFL


Antonio Brown has yet to play a game for the Oakland Raiders, and yet, he’s already become a huge distraction for all the wrong reasons.

He’s currently out of action because his feet are frostbitten, and now he’s complaining about the new helmet and has actualy threatened to quit football altogether if he can’t wear his old helmet (the “Schutt Air Advantage”), according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

Wait, would Antonio Brown actually retire? Is that what’s happening here??

AB claims the league’s new helmet design impedes his vision when he’s trying to catch the football. The Raiders have tried to give him other approved helmets to try out, but as of right now, he’s not a fan of any of them.

That sounds dire.

Would one of the greatest skill players of his generation really quit football because of… a helmet? That sounds insane, but when it comes to No. 84, we shouldn’t be shocked that he’d retire over a helmet.


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