VIDEO: Antonio Brown Actually Rolled Up to Raiders Training Camp in a Hot Air Balloon


When athletes show up to training camp in any of the major sports, you can expect some to ride in style. But how many come to work from the sky in a hot air balloon? New Oakland Raiders wide receiver Antonio Brown made a grand entrance and took the smooth way to work, bypassing all toll roads and traffic.

While Derek rode a Carr to work, AB took the high road. Got it.

I don’t know if this sets the tone for the rest of the Raiders roster heading into the 2019, and who knew that Napa Valley is known for its hot air balloons?

AB knew. AB definitely knew, dating back to the exact time he hopped in the balloon, probably.

At the very least, this is something we’ve never seen a player do before. From brick workouts to misguided Cameos, Antonio Browns continues to prove that he’s one of a kind.


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