Antonio Brown Shoots His Shot With Ariana Grande on IG and Gets Owned By Her BF Pete Davidson


I’m still sitting here trying to figure out what Ariana Grande’s type is, while Pete Davidson is the hero this world needs, but doesn’t deserve.

Finally, the seemingly nice guy with a sense of humor lands the popular, attractive girl that many guys out there long for. It’s like the high school feel-good story we have seen thousands of times in the theatre, but never in reality. But, you already know cocky jocks out there are always ready to kill the dream.

That’s basically what ​Steelers wideout Antonio Brown tried to do when he posted a photo of Grande wearing a No. 84 Steelers jersey and issuing a public invitation for her to see one of his games.

“You still welcome @steelers game baby @arianagrande #Boomin”

Not cool man.

But it’s all good, Grande batted the pass away and shut down the wideout like it was last season’s Week 4 game against Baltimore.

Davidson, on the other hand, rightfully chimed in as well.

Sorry Antonio, but Pete isn’t going to let this happen.

Well done, Mr. Davidson, well done.


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