REPORT: Browns Attempted to Trade for Andrew Luck Prior to Last Season’s Trade Deadline


At this point last season, the Indianapolis Colts and owner Jim Irsay had the entire world in the dark regarding superstar Andrew Luck’s shoulder injury. “When will he practice?” turned into a question of “When will he actually throw a football?” to ultimately, “Will he ever play again?”

That reportedly never deterred the Cleveland Browns from making a run at the three-time Pro Bowler, and, according to Fox Sports NFL host Jay Glazer, Cleveland was willing to make a trade before last year’s deadline.

Heck of a risk for the Browns at that point, since there was so much uncertainty surrounding Luck’s health. Still, for the Browns, there was nothing to lose when they were winless anyway operating under rookie DeShone Kizer, who would eventually be yet another bust within the long line of failed Cleveland QBs.

Things all turned out OK for both teams, as Luck is now starting Week 1 this season and the Browns got a potential future star in Baker Mayfield with the No. 1 overall pick, with Tyrod Taylor piling up starts until Mayfield’s ready.

Imagine the shakeup if the Colts gave up that easy on Luck?


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