Terrell Owens Still Pushing for the Packers to Sign Him


Getting inducted into the Hall of Fame does not seem to be enough for​ Terrell Owens, as the 44-year-old still wants to play in the NFL.

The most recent pitch that was made by T.O. was for the Green Bay Packers.

Imagining Aaron Rodgers throwing to a prime Terrell Owens is a scary thought, unfortunately this is not a prime T.O. we’re dealing with.

Despite the hall of famer getting shots at the tail end of his career with the Cincinnati Bengals and Buffalo Bills, as well as playing in the preseason with the Seattle Seahawks once, Owens still feels that he has something to show.

Terrell Owens can still run a 4.4. Would be dope if he played for the Packers.

Not to say that Owens isn’t in great shape, but at some point he’s gotta give it up. He had a very illustrious career, but there is no way a team will bring the circus that Owens presents when he is not the player that he once was.

Least of all Green Bay.


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