VIDEO: Watch Bears Take Pick Six to the House


​Yikes, it appears we have the clearcut loser from the Buffalo Bills’ quarterback battle. While Josh Allen and Nathan Peterman continue to compete for the starting gig, AJ McCarron has gone through an abysmal preseason. After suffering an ​injury to his collarbone earlier this month, the former Alabama product returned to the gridiron in the final preseason game of the year. Well, it’s safe to say that he did zero favors for himself with this awful interception, as ​Bears’ cornerback Doran Grant took it all the way to the house.


​​Sorry, but what did McCaron think was going to happen on that lazy pass?

Not only did he throw off his back foot, he never got the ball to the outside shoulder of his wide receiver. With another poor performance for McCarron, the Bills’ offseason move just continues looking worse.



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