Bills Fans Get Arrested and Go on Drunk Rampage After Getting Kicked Out of Preseason Game


There’s a fine line between passion and stupidity. When it comes to the Bills Mafia, the most passionate and intense fanbase in all of sports, they have somehow mastered walking the fine line between both.

The result? Hardcore fun that, most of the time, makes for greater entertainment in the parking lot during the pregame festivities than once the actual product on the field kicks off.

In the following circumstance, however, these particular Bills fans took it too far. And then some.

According to the initial police report provided by WIVB News, police officers responded to a pedestrian hit by another vehicle near Milestrip Rd. on Sunday at about 5:38 p.m following Buffalo’s preseason game against the Cincinnati Bengals.

As the story goes, the two men, who are brothers, were arguing in the same car after getting kicked out of a game, which caused the one brother to jump out onto the road, where he was then hit by another vehicle. The other brother and driver of the car, Dylan George, was arrested with a DUI when the cops arrived and also found his six-year-old son in the backseat.

For all the crazy things the Bills Mafia does, whether it’s jumping through tables on fire or just flat out brawling with each other, these are actions the group does not condone whatsoever.

No way these two are a part of that beloved crew, and if they are, then they will quickly be exiled immediately. Luckily, no one was killed or hurt badly, but legal punishment is sure to follow.


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