DeAngelo Hall Reveals Paris Hilton Saved Him From Some Super Expensive Rookie Hazing


​​DeAngelo Hall retired from the NFL after the 2017 season, ​hanging up his cleats after 14 campaigns as a pro defensive back. But he’s back in the news thanks to an unexpected detail that he disclosed concerning his rookie year with the Atlanta Falcons.

Paris Hilton was involved. So was David Hasselhoff.

Sounds like the setup to really awesomely bad joke, right?

​Well, as the longtime cornerback told Bleacher Report’s “Simms and Lefkoe” program, he was forced by his teammates to pay for a trip to Vegas as a first-year man back in 2004. When slapped with a gigantic restaurant bill he remembers to have been around $15,000, he was overcome with a feeling of dread.

Luckily, his table was situated between two others that featured, respectively, Ms. Hilton and The Hoff.

Hilton swooped to the rescue, picking up the tab and saving Hall the financial hit.

His teammates didn’t really have the right to call foul on that one. Paris Hilton was one of the most recognizable, talked-about public figures in the world back in 2004. You’ve got to give it up in that situation.


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