Earl Thomas Once Again Hints at Joining Cowboys in Instagram Comments


Well, well, well…

​Earl Thomas is one of the best safeties in the NFL, and ​rumor has it that he will soon be on his way out of Seattle, where he has spent the first eight years of his career.

Teams have been shying away from Thomas because he is already 29, in the last year of his contract, and would apparently cost a second-round pick in a trade deal.

Despite all of those things, ​the Cowboys have allegedly maintained interest in the All-Pro safety, and just like he did with Jason Garrett in the tunnel last season, Thomas dropped more breadcrumbs on Wednesday night.

​​Sure, it’s not much to go off of, but it’s something.

Thomas is clearly unhappy in Seattle, and anything he says could be taken as a subtle hint at this point. After all, you can’t get much clearer than this:

With the safety holding out and not attending OTAs, the Seahawks may be willing to trade him for less than they initially thought. Perhaps ​Dallas will jump on the offer as soon as possible, before other teams start to reconsider the possibility.

He would certainly be great for the Cowboys, even if it only ends up being one year. ​The team needs something to get them over the hump and back into the playoffs. This could be it.


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