Hue Jackson Clearly Working Diligently to Get Dez Bryant to Sign With the Browns


Another episode of “Hard Knocks” premiered on HBO Tuesday night, and it’s ​arguably the best one we’ve seen so far.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve heard many rumors about Dez Bryant and potential landing spots for him, as he was released by the Dallas Cowboys in April. One notable possibility that Bryant even specifically tweeted about, however, was the Cleveland Browns.

In this latest episode, the show films Bryant’s visit at the Browns’ facility and his meeting with head coach Hue Jackson.

We first see ​Bryant arriving at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport, where he signed a fans’ Browns helmet, followed by the Oklahoma State product running around team offices, introducing himself. Every time someone said “Nice to meet you, happy you’re here,” Bryant responded with, “I’m happy to be here.”

Immediately after, the scene cuts to Bryant sitting with Jackson in his office, where the two discuss what Bryant is looking for. The NFL’s leading touchdown receiver from 2012-2017 responded: “I’m just looking for realness, man.”

Jackson’s response was eye-popping.

“The owners, they’ve given these football players anything and everything,” Jackson said. “That’s the thing that’s got to turn now. And in order to deliver, I need guys like you. This is going to be the greatest turnaround in sports history.”

As bold of a prediction as that was, Jackson seemed to really impress Bryant a lot, as he was seen vigorously nodding his head at almost everything that coach said.

Back to the topic of realness, here’s what Bryant had to say: “This is new to me…the way you are expressing yourself, the way you are talking to me. We barely know each other, and I feel comfortable.”

Will a deal get done? We could find out soon.



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