Packers Getting Screwed By Having to Use Two Planes for All Games This Year


If the Green Bay Packers and head coach Mike McCarthy were planning to have any team meetings while traveling to away games in 2018, they’ll have to wait until after both planes have landed.

According to ESPN’s Packers insider Rob Demovsky, particular circumstances will split the team up during travel starting Friday for preseason Week 3 against the Oakland Raiders.

It doesn’t sound like the most efficient plan, but one that is unavoidable due to the shortage of big planes available in the area that can fit a team of more than 53 players with additional trainers and coaching staff aboard.

For the Pack, this likely will be more of a minor inconvenience that can be dealt with accordingly as opposed to something that should affect their season. They do not have any international games on the schedule, and the furthest they travel will be to Los Angeles to face the Rams in Week 8 and to Seattle to face the Seahawks in Week 11.

As for Friday’s dress rehearsal, McCarthy is feeling good about his team’s roster and may have found some clarity in a backfield with plenty of competitors, including Jamaal Williams.

As for the travel issues, flight schedules shouldn’t stand in the way of Green Bay getting back to its winning ways.


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