VIDEO: Browns Offensive Line Coach is an Absolute Freaking National Treasure


​Is it the mustache? is it the comically large gut? Is it the folksy wisdom? Trick question– when it comes to the source of the rare brilliance of Cleveland Browns offensive line coach Bob Wylie, the answer cannot be pinned down that easily. There’s a certain immaterial essence underpinning his legend. Seriously, just watch this ​training camp clip from HBO’s Hard Knocks:

Admit it: you want this dude to be your uncle/grandpa/life coach.

Wylie hasn’t been with the Browns long, as he’s entering just his second season with the team. Previously, he spent thee years with the CFL’s Winnipeg Blue Bombers, where he surely made a lot of friends (and even more speechless devotees) through his penchant for sage banter.

​This man has been around the block. Would you believe that he’s been an o-line coach for eight different NFL teams? Yes, of course you would. But all told, Cleveland should never, EVER let the man go.

​In fact, make a TV show that just follows him around all day. Seriously, HBO. Get on it.


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