Packers Strategy to Load up on Tight Ends Will Work Wonders for Aaron Rodgers


Besides a solid run game and brick wall offensive line, there is no bigger friend to a quarterback than a multi-talented tight end.

Ask Tom Brady, Cam Newton, Russell Wilson, Drew Brees, Philip Rivers or Dak Prescott.

Wouldn’t it be special if one of the most dynamic quarterbacks in the game was paired with a dynamic tight end? That’s what the Green Bay Packers thought for Aaron Rodgers when they went out and grabbed free agent Jimmy Graham.

But what about taking it a step further and loading up on additional tight ends who could add support to the position and give the team freedom to run multiple offensive packages and schemes? Now, we’re talking.

Don’t get us wrong, we’re not saying Rodgers needs that help; he has survived without a No. 1 option on the tight end depth chart for most of his career. But with Jordy Nelson gone, Randall Cobb not getting any younger and the free-agency pool almost completely drained, the TE position is where it’s at.

Look at what the Super Bowl Champion Eagles did all season and in the big game with the ridiculous trio of Zach Ertz, Brent Celek and Trey Burton. Against the Patriots, one blasted open running lanes wide enough to fit a Mack truck through, the other caught a touchdown, while another threw one.

Could you imagine what Rodgers could do with that versatility?

Why not make it easier for the best quarterback in the game by loading up on big targets so he doesn’t always have to thread the needle into ridiculously tight windows like a master seamstress sewing a quilt.

We have seen AR12 do it when needed, but we have also seen him hold onto the ball for way too long and take unnecessary hits because no wideouts were open downfield. With the Packers now adding guys who can terrorize the middle of the field AND also block for running backs Aaron Jones, Jamaal Williams and Ty Montgomery, the Packers offense will keep everyone guessing.

New GM and former scout Brian Gutekunst has the right idea adding Graham, Marcedes Lewis and Lance Kendricks to the mix. Make your franchise man’s job easier and just sit back and reap the benefits.


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