Richie Incognito Arrested After Making Gun Threats at Father’s Funeral


We’ve seen many disturbing situations surrounding ​Richie Incognito, but this most recent predicament is extremely concerning.

Incognito lost his father over the weekend, which has resulted in him spiraling out of control. The Arizona police department confirmed that the former Pro Bowler was arrested on Monday for disorderly conduct and making threats.

Sadly, Incognito’s actions took place at the funeral home, where he made the employees feel extremely uncomfortable.

According to reports, Incognito made gun gestures toward the employees. In addition to this ludicrous act, the former lineman decided to talk about the guns in the trunk of his car.

Obviously, Incognito is going through a very tough time. However, lashing out and threatening the employees at the funeral home won’t help.

With this situation fairly new, more details could emerge in the coming days. As of now, we just hope that ​Incognito and his family find another way to manage their pain. This is certainly a frightening situation for everyone involved.


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