VIDEO: Demarcus Ayers Skips Past the Bengals for Bears TD Run


We love us some good trickery and deception when it comes to playcalling, and though the Chicago Bears weren’t pulling anything out of the ordinary here, they were still able to burn the Cincinnati Bengals defense with a well-timed end-around to wideout Demarcus Ayers.


The Bears offense had great blocking on the edge and it helped that the entire Bengals interior committed on the run up the middle.

Ayers, a seventh-round draft pick by the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2016, is looking to make the Chicago’s roster after being delegated to both the Steelers and New England Patriots practice squads the past couple of years.

Speed kills in the NFL, and Ayers has plenty of it. He’ll look to string together a couple of more solid performances this preseason to try to solidify his spot on the Bears’ 53-man roster in 2018.


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